Dreaming Fairytales
Once in a while - right in the middle of an ordinary life - Love gives us a Fairytale.
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Psychic Abilities →


1. Intuition: it’s the use of the subconscious knowledge that can come in a sutle way to the conscious mind.
2. Clairvoyance: ability to see things outside the possibility of the human eyes
Automatic writing: It’s about a free writing to reach the message of one’s higher self or the…

How to see Aura →


  • get a white paper, or if you have a white wall, it serves well too

1. Put your hand in front of the white paper or white wall
2. Pick one finger to look
3. Stare and the border of the finger
4. First you will start by seeing a trasparent contour around the finger
5. After a while you start…

Anonymous asked: Is there such thing as a new age witch a time of reckoning for the chosen to rise up and claim balance again with original witchcraft


I’m not sure what you mean.
Do you mean some sort of “Jesus” or are you asking if “wicca” will ever be accepted?

Using Crystals for Divination

Crystals have certain meaning associated with them, for a quick answer to a question put these crystals into a bag and pick one. If two or three fall into your hand at the same time, read the meanings from them all. (the Crystal Bible - Judy Hall)
Amethyst:A life change and shift in consciousness. Faithfulness in love, freedom from jealousy.
Agate:Worldly success or a pleasant surprise. Good health, wealth and log life. Particularly lucky for people connected with the land.
Blue Lace Agate:Healing is needed.
Black Agate:Needs and will find courage and prosperity.
Red Agate:Health and longevity are yours.
Bloodstone:Unpleasant surprise, unlikely to be illness.
Red Jasper:Pay attention to earthly affairs.
Aventurine:Future growth and expansion are possible.
Garnet:A letter is on it's way.
Citrine:Celestial wisdom is advising you.
Diamond (or clear quartz):Permanence. Business advancement. If the crystal loses it's sparkle, betrayal.
Emerald:Fertility or a secret admirer. If colour pales, love is fading.
Hematite:New opportunities await.
Jade:Needs and will find immortality and perfection.
Lapis Lazuli:Divine favor is yours.
Quartz:Be sure to clarify issues you asked about and those that arise.
Rose Quartz:Love and self healing are needed and will come.
Snow Quartz:Profound changes are coming.
Ruby:Power and passion, good fortune and friendship but beware of strangers.
Sapphire:Truth and chastity and the past will catch up with you.
Snowflake Obsidian:End of challenging time.
Tiger's Eye:All is not as it appears to be.
Unakite:Compromise and integration.
Opal:Death or endings. If the crystal loses its brilliance, an unfaithful lover.
Sardonyx:A wedding may be in the offing.
Topaz:Exercise caution.
Turquoise:A journey is imminent.

TheLivingWiccan’s Spell for Power



  • root of an oak
  • carving tool

Step one: Find and dig up your oak root. This is easy to find on eroded hillsides, cliffsides, riverbanks, etc.

Step two: Carve this sigil into the root:


(“pertinax”: adj. Latin. “Persistent/unyielding”; in some translations, “stubborn”)

Step three: Bind in red and/or purple thread. Keep on your person, preferably as a necklace. 

Happy casting!


Anonymous asked: I feel like magic, wicca or whatever you wish to call takes up so much of my energy is there anything that I can charm for lasting vitality


Wicca is many things, a religion, lifestyle, a phae even for some, so what exactly do you mean when you say that it is draining you? How is it deferent from what you are comfortable with?

Witches have some sort of connection with stones, and one of the most common stones connected with witches would be quartz. 

Quartz have more meanings, including energy. Theres also a lot more stones that could help, sometimes witches pick stones by having a “feeling” about the particular stone. A lot of witches also have more than just one stone, and sometimes more of the same kind of stone.

Also, keep in mind that august 10, we will have a super moon, which might be a help. Thank you for the question. (:

Anonymous asked: Thanks for being an anonymous allowed. I've been drawn to dark magic for a while now and I've recently been practicing light. I think light takes a toll on me though. Like my teeth started to feel like they were all decaying and my energy being drawn away from my body and just not feeling well in general. Do you have to choose or can you practice both I'm stuck :(


Hi, I’m not sure what exactly you are referring to as “dark magic”.

But as a wiccan, we have a rule that goes something like; “Harm none, do as you will”. So if you aren’t harming anyone, I think you should do what you would find the best, and follow your heart. 

Blessed be. 

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